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SOIL OF PARADISE-Paradise and its Delights-QURAN 9:38

We are “Fitrah”,  An innovative islamic candle brand. Every aroma is based upon islamic textual sources to remind you in times of forgetfulness.

Scent Profile: Saffron & Musk

This captivating scent is an olfactory reminder for Muslims about "The Soil of Paradise", which encourages us to connect spiritually and detach us from this dunya. 

The aromatic journey begins from one of the gardens of paradise, where the aroma finds itself buried in the powdery and refined soil of paradise. The soil is made up of a combination of saffron and musk; a subtle exotic spice with a distinctive essence blended with aroma of animalistic origins. The aroma expresses its desire to escape, piercing through the soil and making its way towards one of the other gardens of paradise, underneath with which rivers flow. The garden's air is perfumed with sweet floral notes; delicate yet aromatic. The delights of paradise are unlike the delights of this world, metaphorically common in name, but different in essence and nature.  Now, this aromatic journey continues with you…