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NOAH'S ARK-Prophet Series-QURAN 71:5-7

We are “Fitrah”,  An innovative islamic candle brand. Every aroma is based upon islamic textual sources to remind you in times of forgetfulness.

Scent Profile: Aquatic, Earthy & Woody

This captivating scent is an olfactory reminder for Muslims about the story of Noah (pbuh), and the lessons derived from it.

The aromatic journey begins with a fresh, aquatic breeze swirling around water, flowing from heaven's gates into a Mediterranean landscape. The aroma of sea salt, delicate florals, and the mineral scent of earth perfumes the atmosphere as the soil gets moist and the earth explodes with springs. The rain from the sky and the water from earth’s crust meet together on a divine command like never seen before, submerging the dry surface of earth. Wild ocean tides as high as mountains begin to emerge, furiously plunging the ark side to side; releasing woody undertones of sandalwood and warm amber. Merciless winds drive the waves to become aggressive; like a wild animal, making the ark appear as fragile as a matchbox tossed in the midst of an ocean. The fragrance of musk from the ark comes into presence; an aroma of animal origin, for a subtle unexpected harmony. Despite how fragile the ark appeared, it was a means of safety for those who had faith in Allah. Now, this aromatic journey continues with you…