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FORBIDDEN TREE-Prophet series-QURAN 2:35

We are “Fitrah”,  An innovative islamic candle brand. Every aroma is based upon islamic textual sources to remind you in times of forgetfulness.

Scent Profile: Fruity & Woody

This captivating scent is an olfactory reminder for Muslims about "The Forbidden Tree" and the lessons derived from it. 

The aromatic journey begins with the aroma expressing its curiosity to explore the scent of a woodsy perfume that has been released from a mysterious tree and has swept its way across paradise. The aroma soon discovers the tree that has called its attention; fruity overtones and green undertones grow stronger as it gets closer. Although Allah has not revealed to us what tree it is or its scent, the layering of enigmatic fruits, green leaves and warm amber, with dominant cedarwood and sandalwood accords act as an olfactory reminder for Muslims today. Metaphorically common in name, but distinct in essence and nature. Now, this aromatic journey continues with you…