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Small Statement Pendant, Pearls & Crystals

Elevate your style with our Small Statement Pendant, adorned with lustrous pearls and sparkling crystals, paired with a distinctive Tibetan bead teardrop pendant featuring a vibrant yellow cube.

This exquisite jewelry collection is an exclusive creation by Toronto-based artist Farheen Ali, designed especially for the Aga Khan Museum. Drawing inspiration from the rich manuscripts and paintings within the Museum's collection, this jewelry line encapsulates the essence of these illuminations. It does so by incorporating some of the very same stones that were historically used to create pigments for these masterpieces.

Our collection beautifully blends traditional materials like lapis lazuli and cinnabar with contemporary elements, including agates, metals, and recycled materials. Embrace the fusion of the past and present with these uniquely crafted pieces that pay homage to artistry and heritage.