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Exit of Shirin & Farhad by Babak Kazemi - Artwork #2

Exit of Shirin & Farhad Series - UNFRAMED

Journey into the depths of a timeless legend with Babak Kazemi's 'Exit of Shirin & Farhad' series. The name itself is drawn from a centuries-old, heart-wrenching tale of a love triangle that has captivated hearts for generations. In this tragic story, Shirin, a captivating beauty, finds herself caught between the affections of two admirers: Farhad, a skilled stone mason, and King Khosrow.

The legend unfolds with a jealous King Khosrow assigning Farhad an impossible task to prove his love for Shirin – the removal of an entire mountain. Farhad's unwavering love and determination lead him to accept the challenge with fervor. The narrative takes an unexpected turn as Shirin, moved by Farhad's devotion, embarks on a journey to witness his progress firsthand. Exhausted from her travels, she faints, and it's Farhad who comes to her rescue, carrying both her and her horse back to the palace. This pivotal moment is the focus of traditional Shirin and Farhad miniature paintings.

Babak Kazemi breathes new life into this 16th-century tragedy, using it as a powerful commentary on the contemporary struggles faced by lovers who must leave their homelands in pursuit of love and freedom. The story serves as a poignant reminder of the historical roots of forced migration and immigration. King Khosrow's character becomes a symbol of emotional control and suppression, which still resonates in today's world. However, Kazemi's ultimate message is one of hope – that love can conquer even the most challenging of circumstances.

Artwork Details:

  • Medium: Photography
  • Edition: Limited to 6 prints, this is number 3
  • Dimensions: 100 x 70 cm
  • Artist: Babak Kazemi
  • Nationality: Iran
  • Year: 1983

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