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Art Kit: Studio Sessions The Art of Bookmaking

Designed as a supplementary resource to the course Studio Sessions: The Art of Bookmaking Part 1, this art kit includes a selection of curated tools and materials required to complete the hands-on sessions of the course. Each kit includes:

Embroidery hoop, Cotton cloth, Compressed sponge, Paper flowers and leaves (assorted colours), Food colouring (2 droppers, assorted colours) *, Small stick, Turmeric, Paintbrush (for dying), Paper (6 sheets), Pencil, Printed template Transfer paper, Watercolour paper, Watercolour dot card**, Watercolour paintbrush size 1 or 2

 The additional items needed for the course that are not included in the kit are readily available either at home or at nearby grocery stores. List of items not included:

Pen, Egg carton, Small bucket and container, Towel, Paper towel, Hand blender, Saucepan (Stainless steel), Spoon (Stainless steel), Strainer, Corn starch, Vinegar, Water, Access to stove. 

* This kit is suitable for learners 18+. Requires adult supervision for younger learners.  

** Food colourings contain water, propylene glycol, colour (contains tartrazine), propylparaben.

*** Watercolours used in the dot card are artist quality, certified in a program of toxicological review to contain no material in sufficient quantity to be toxic or injurious to health. Do not ingest.

Dimensions: 24 x 18.5 cm