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Aga Khan Museum Notecard - Blue Stairs

Capture the elegance of the Aga Khan Museum with our exquisite notecard. Perfect for sending your regards or framing as a cherished piece of art. Named after the built-in Lapis lazuli bar and hugged by velvety blue walls, our lapis-coloured spiral staircase that connects the two floors of the Lapis Lounge is one of many distinctive architectural features of the Aga Khan Museum.

Renewed Japanese architect Fumihiko Maki designed The Aga Khan Museum. Drawing upon his experience with such projects as the Shaman Museum of Ancient Izumi (Japan, 2006), Maki uses contemporary materials to animate a design that respects heritage and tradition. Light - whether from the moon or sun-is ever-present in this building.

  • Dimensions: 5.5 (W) x 4.2 (H) inches
  • Comes with envelope