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Printed Painting Frame - The Khaqan of Chin Consults his Advisors(print only)

"The Khaqan of Chin Consults His Advisors on the War with Iran" is a captivating folio from the Shahnameh, a Persian epic of kings and heroes. In this exquisite artwork, you'll find a rich narrative captured in the details.

The painting portrays a pivotal moment in history, where the Khaqan of Chin, a significant figure from Central Asia, seeks counsel from his trusted advisors regarding the war with Iran. The advisors, depicted in vivid colors and intricate details, convey a sense of wisdom and gravitas.

The use of opaque watercolor, gold, silver, and ink on paper brings life to the scene. The opulent materials used in this artwork accentuate the regal atmosphere, reflecting the opulence of the era it represents.

Dimensions: 16x20 inches