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THE BEE-Wonders of Creation-QURAN 16:68-69

We are “Fitrah”,  An innovative islamic candle brand. Every aroma is based upon islamic textual sources to remind you in times of forgetfulness.

Scent Profile: Honey

This captivating scent is an olfactory reminder for Muslims to encourage them to ponder upon nature and the creations of Allah. This allows us to develop a deep sense of connection with our creator and admire his wisdom and complex engineering. 

The aromatic journey begins with a gust of warm wind finding itself in an abundance of unknown flowers stretching across a mediterranean landscape as far as the eye can see. As they begin to bloom, subtle fragrant floral aromas come into presence and perfume the air, just enough to attract a colony of bees. The bees begin to extract a light, sweet, runny liquid known as nectar. The aroma begins to faintly develop itself with delicate sweet floral notes. As the bees enter the forest to return to their beehives, the trees begin to release a slightly smoky animalistic scent, and woody aromas of oud and sandalwood. The aroma absorbs it into its endurance and continues to follow the bees. After a long voyage, the aroma arrives at an odd-looking shape, surrounded by bees. Hints of sweetness faintly develop the scent further, however it's not enough. The aroma expresses its irresistibility, piercing through the beehive and coming out the other end, soaking itself in a thick, gold and sticky substance known as honey; rich and overwhelmingly sweet. Just as it appears to be the end, the aroma recalls the exotic blend of spices, pungent tobacco leaves, and warm amber absorbed throughout its journey. Now, this aromatic journey continues with you…