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Sang by Jalal Sepehr - Artwork

Introducing "Sang" from the Red Zone Series, an evocative piece of digital photography by the renowned artist Jalal Sepehr. 

Artwork Details:

  • Title: Sang, Red Zone Series
  • Medium: Digital Photography
  • Dimensions: 100 x 70 cm
  • Year: 2015
  • Artist: Jalal Sepehr
  • Origin: Iran

The "Red Zone" series offers a unique perspective on the global state of affairs, focusing on the perpetual state of alarm and anxiety experienced by Middle Eastern populations amidst ongoing conflicts and political instability. Each composition features a road adorned with Persian rugs, symbolizing the shared cultural heritage of displaced people. Viewers are drawn into this challenging journey, where obstacles like sandstorms, massive walls, planes, and even a black hole obstruct the path. While the desert stretches endlessly around the rug-lined road, it remains exclusive, reflecting the struggles of an entire population. Overcast, foreboding skies hint at imminent dangers and troubles ahead.

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