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Niminimi Silk Scarf - Shadows Pass, Light Remains

Shadows pass, light remains. Inspired by the majestic yet peaceful assurance felt in the presence of a dome… be it a church, a mosque, a temple, or any other place of worship. When we look up, faith shows us the way.

  • Material: 100% Silk Twill
  • Dimensions: 90 cm x 90 cm
  • Dry Clean

Niminimi was founded in 2016 by Nimi Nanji Simard; a Canadian entrepreneur with a global vision and an approach that is as bold and determined as it is beautiful. Every Niminimi creation conveys a message of hope for all to see. Nimi created 4 pillars as the heart and soul of her creations: Environment, Mental Health, Communities and Conflict around the world.