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NIMINIMI-Do you see me now? (Blue) scarf

Do You See Me Now?

In recognition of all the vulnerable women and girls in our midst who often remain faceless and voice-less till they are gone.

While the recurring red dress in the design speaks to the disappearance of the indigenous women of Canada, the scarf is meant to raise awareness and shed light on this rampant global issue.

En reconnaissance de toutes les femmes et filles vulnérables parmi nous qui restent sans visage et sans voix jusqu’à ce qu’elles disparaissent.

Alors que la robe rouge récurrente dans le design représente la disparition des femmes autochtones du Canada, l’écharpe est faite pour sensibiliser et éclairer ce problème mondial endémique.

100% silk/90cm X 90cm

Niminimi was founded in 2016 by Nimi Nanji Simard;
a Canadian entrepreneur with a global vision and
an approach that is as bold and determined as it is beautiful. Every Niminimi creation conveys a message
of hope for all to see. Nimi created 4 pillars as the
heart and soul of her creations: Environment, Mental Health, Communities and Conflict around the world.

Every Niminimi silk scarf is crafted with state-of-the-art technology and hand rolled in Italy. Each original design is made with 100% pure silk, linen, or wool voile.