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Mosques: Splendors of Islam

One of the most important and authoritative books to celebrate mosque architecture and Islamic design, featuring exquisite newly commissioned photographs, this visually captivating book showcases over sixty exceptional mosques, ranging from historic landmarks like the Great Mosque of Córdoba to contemporary architectural marvels such as the Sancaklar Mosque.

Prominent essays by distinguished architecture and design experts, including Professor Sussan Babaie and Professor Renata Holod, provide invaluable insights into the evolution and significance of mosque architecture. Mosques from diverse regions, including Europe, the Indian subcontinent, North America, North Africa, the Middle East, and Russia, are featured, offering a comprehensive exploration of their origins and stylistic transformations.

Original and archival photographs capture the beauty of these sanctuaries, both inside and out, highlighting intricate calligraphy, tilework, furnishings, and illumination. This book is a visual journey through the rich history and artistic brilliance of mosque architecture, making it an indispensable addition to any art and design enthusiast's collection.