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Majesty of Mughal Decoration: Art Architecture And Style Of Islamic India by George Michell

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An exquisitely illustrated survey of the decorative motifs and visual themes from one of the great artistic periods in Indian history.

Mughal decorative arts delight in arabesque and geometric designs, as well as scenes of nature (flowers, birds, and animals) and human pleasure (music, dancing, feasting, love-making). Master craftsmen at the Mughal and Rajput courts employed a variety of materials and techniques to produce marble panels inlaid with semi-precious stones, sandstone screens perforated with geometric designs, brass vessels inlaid with strips of silver and gold, jade drinking cups, dagger hilts encrusted with rubies and emeralds, and costumes and sashes embroidered with silk and golden threads. No less gorgeous were the vividly toned and exquisitely detailed miniature paintings that portrayed contemporary events as well as epic tales.

Drawing on the finest and most representative examples in public and private collections in India, Europe, and America, this stunning survey examines common decorative motifs and themes in Mughal art. More than 300 illustrations amply convey the virtuoso workmanship and the sheer elegance of design common to all objects. It will be an essential reference work for art historians, designers, and anyone interested in the arts and life of India. 300+ color photographs and illustrations.