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The Aga Khan Museum Shop is proud to partner with @kismetartco. A unique space dedicated to women empowerment and the arts, with their hope to change the art world for the better by putting strong, talented women at the forefront. 

Our joint commitment to celebrating artists from all over the world with an emphasis on storytelling and craft unifies the spirit in which we collaborate together in bringing our audience compelling pieces with meaningful stories. 

This piece is created with love by American-based visual artist Kavi and inspired by the eloquent and lively music of the 1960’s and its efficacious voice for Cultural Revolution, as well as her own heritage from Bombay, India.

Kavi has developed a distinctive and experimental artistic style. Her process involves a multi-layered approach which gives her the ability to encapsulate political phrases and poetry into each of her creative pieces. Kavi works with innovative new methods in photo collage, painting, and sculpture, and her art emphasizes intense texture by incorporating three-dimensional objects into two-dimensional spaces.

Details:Metal spray paint, acrylic, alcohol ink, cement, newspaper, resin, on wood