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"Wherever you are, and whatever you do,  Be in Love"

Canadian artist Hannun Lyn brings poetry and prose to life in these spectacular vessels made exclusively for the Aga Khan Museum. By pairing heartfelt Rumi quotes against the crisp white clay used to create these special pieces.

TEACHING & COMMUNITY: “For the past couple of years, I took a break from my studio work. Teaching and connecting with the community gave me so much more than I ever expected. Education gave me back that wonder and awe about clay. The 'beginner's mind' feeling when a ball of mud transforms before your eyes into something beautiful. I have taken that renewed vitality and returned to making. In 2020, I set up a very humble studio in my neighbourhood of Kensington Market. I have decided to explore new forms, designs, clay bodies. Essentially, I am starting over and beginning again.”

Each unique porcelain vessel reflects the timeless works of the poet Rumi.  Every piece is handmade and has its own individual expression through its perfect imperfections.  Throughout history, humanity has strived for harmony and unity with the universe somehow; through the alchemy of earth, water and fire, the beauty of Rumi's words shines bright