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FIG & OLIVE-Oaths of Allah-Quran 95:1-4

We are “Fitrah”,  An innovative islamic candle brand. Every aroma is based upon islamic textual sources to remind you in times of forgetfulness.

Scent Profile: Fig & Olive

This captivating scent is an olfactory reminder for Muslims about the characteristics of the five prophets mentioned: their struggles, sacrifices, and how humans can reach great heights. 

The aromatic journey begins from Mount Judi, a place associated with Noah (pbuh) and his ark; known for its delicate creamy exotic figs on the cusp of ripening with hints of bitterness. As the rain gently falls upon the green fig leaves, it enhances the fresh, green aroma. A gust of wind blows the aroma towards Jerusalem, a city linked to the prophethood of Jesus (pbuh). As the aroma is on voyage to the city of Jerusalem, it absorbs a rich blend of vanilla, mysterious spices, and nuts. It arrives in the old city of Jerusalem and moves towards The Mount of Olives, a place known for its tangy and zesty olives. The aroma expresses its desire to escape and move towards Mount Sinai, where Moses (pbuh) spoke to Allah. As it passes through Mount Sinai, faintly touching the soil, it picks up an undertone of earthy patchouli.The aroma arrives at its destination, Makkah, a place known for the birth of Muhammad (pbuh) and the legacy of Abraham (pbuh). The scent becomes warmer in nature as it absorbs the heat from the sun, and picks up the animalistic accents of deep musk; a fragrance enjoyed by Muhammad (pbuh) more than any other fragrance. Now this aromatic journey continues with you…