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Aves Pacis by M'hammed Kilito

Since the establishment of photography in the 19th century, in the regions where we live, photography has been an instrument of imperialism used by the white man to assert his superiority over our people as a legitimation for the civilizing mission. It was just a constructed rationale for intervention or colonization. Through photography the imperial powers had the monopoly on truth and history, imposing the narratives that comforted their interests in order to better control us. Currently, we see many photographers and visual storytellers from Morocco, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen, Ghana and other countries whose work is constantly reflecting the need to transcend preconceived notions of what Africa and Middle East is, what art made in Africa or the Middle East is, and how artists can engage their audience. We are all together working and structuring our own narratives.
It is important for the artist through his photographic series to enact a counter discourse to what is usually shared in the media and which does not represent a comprehensive perspective of Morocco specifically and the region in general. He believes that when practicing photography, in what is called the Global South, we must necessarily be activists and show what others have not experienced or seen. It is our role to impose balance in the narratives and show that we can also photograph for example the humanist, courageous, humorous sides of his people as opposed to the sensationalist, Orientalizing and often dramatic photos that are usually shown of Africa and the Middle East.

Aves Pacis--UNFRAMED
Photography, Edition of 5

M’hammed Kilito / Morocco / b. 1981...

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