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Anatoli- Tulip Coffee Serving Set

Tradition has it that coffee should first appeal to the eye and then the palate. This belief has been tastefully transferred to giftware which will pass on through generations. Coffee serving sets, an undisputed part of this ancient tradition, used in Ottoman palaces, are now available at the Aga Khan Museum Shop. The pleasure of tea and coffee time leads to an experience infused with chatter, mingling and, of course, a little bit of sharing. The more the palate enjoys the more the livelier the get-together.


Tulip Coffee Serving Set for 1

Cup 4.8 cm diameter, height 5.5 cm,
Plate 11.5 cm,
Sugar Bowl 5.8 cm diameter, height 4 cm, With Lid height 8.5 cm,
Tray Length 26 cm, Width 18cm
Photo by Moez Visram