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Arabic Calligraphy Frame - Hilyei Serif #1

Helyie Serif is the depiction of the physical state of Muhammad (PBUH). According to the narrations, when the Prophet's daughter cried and said, "How will we see your smiling face again," Hz. It is a picture consisting of words written by Ali (RA). 

"The Messenger of Allah (saas) was neither tall enough to draw attention nor short enough to be conspicuous. He was of the middle stature of the people. His hair was neither curly nor perfectly straight; It was medium curly. He was not stocky, and his face was round. Its color was a reddish white. His eyes were very black. His eyelashes were long. His hands and feet were full. When he walked, he walked as fast as if he were going down a slope. When he turned to one side, he would spin with his body. Between the two shoulder blades was the seal of prophethood. He was the last of the prophets. He was the most generous of people. He was the most at ease of heart among people. His dialect was the most correct, his nature was the most gentle, and his relations with people were the most gracious. Seeing him suddenly, he was afraid of him. Anyone who knew him loved him. When those who try to describe him are incapable of explaining; He used to say, "I have never seen anything like him before or after him."

  • Ready for wall hanging
  • Comes in a beautiful box
  • Weight: 3.75 lbs