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Xyloflor Diffuser - Night in the Garden of Love-10/99

Xyloflor® is the scent of the exhibition Night in the Garden of Love at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto. This exhibition, which premiered at WIELS in Brussels this Spring was developed by Shezad Dawood. It is inspired by the creative output of African-American musician, composer, allamah/polymath Yusef Lateef.

Fusing wood (xylon) and flora, the fragrance is named after an invented, mutant word - Xyloflor.

In the exhibition Xyloflor will be presented in a large ceramic vase using bamboo reeds for capillary diffusion, releasing the scent into the night garden, immersing within Dawood and Lateef’s metaphysical space.

A limited 99 edition series of artist signed edition soliflor and scent are available to purchase. Each ceramic has been hand made and painted by Ofumum.

  • TOP: Bergamot, Basil, Pear, Black pepper, Jasmine Sambac Nature Print (NP)
  • MIDDLE: Jasmine Sambac absolute, Brugmansia NP, Passiflora NP, Queen of the Night NP, Foxgloves (digitalis) Artificial Intelligence AI, Edelweiss (Lion’s Foot) AI, Wishbone (Torenia Fournieri) AI, Daisybushes (Ostéospermum) AI
  • BASE: Cedarwood, Patchouli, Musk