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Farheen Ali Collection

Farheen Ali: Lapis and Gold Hematite Earring

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This one-of-a-kind jewelry is inspired by a selection of manuscripts from the collection of the Aga Khan Museum, currently on display as part of the ""Blue"" rotation. It showcases some of the most important blue pigments in the medieval painter's palette such as ultramarine and azurite. Natural ultramarine was prepared from Lapis Lazuli, a rock which since antiquity has been mined in Badakhshan, Northern Afghanistan. By grinding and then mixing this mineral with gum Arabic and white lead, painters were able to create a range of shades from brilliant darks to pale blues. Azurite, a copper carbonate mineral, was also used to produce deep blue pigment when ground coarsely.

Farheen Ali, a Toronto-based jewelry artist designed and created this collection to capture the essence of these richly illuminated manuscripts. Each piece features these traditional minerals complemented with a modern setting of agates, metals and recycled materials.

Dimensions: 2cm height