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RUMI Exhibition Catalogue

Marking the 750th anniversary of his passing, this exhibition catalogue invites you to get to know Rumi and learn how his works have been interpreted over the centuries, transforming him into a global icon. 

But who was Jalal al-Din Muhammad Balkhi, know widely as Rumi?

  • A 13th-century Sufi Mystic
  • A Muslim scholar and teacher
  • A Son, a father, a beloved
  • And one of North America's bestselling poets

For over 750 years, Rumi and his work have been reinterpreted by and for different audiences, yet his core message of love and religious harmony remain universal.

Today, Rumi is pervasive in online spaces promoting positivity. Inspirational quotes bearing his name are shared across social media. What lies behind these snippets and sound bites, however, is a vast and complex story: a young person and his family displaced in an age of strife, the experience of mystical love and deep loss, and the lasting power of words of passion and devotion.